PaintSupreme 1.5

PaintSupreme helps you apply effects and filters to your photos
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BrainDistrict GmbH

PaintSupreme can help you create and edit images. It looks like a sophisticated version of Microsoft Paint, or rather, a simplified version of more expensive image editing software.
The program has a beautiful interface, with a suggestive dark color combination. In many respects, it looks similar to other resembling products: it has the usual layout of blank canvas in the center flanked by tool bars whose buttons even have similar identifying icons. Therefore, if you have used any application of this type before, you will probably find your way with no difficulty. In addition, there is a starting wizard to help you choose a task and configure the image parameters. However, despite all this, many inexperienced users will feel disoriented at first.

The application includes features that are rarely found in similarly priced software. In my opinion, the most attractive is the use of layers that can be reordered and hidden when necessary. It also has a versatile brush tool, a useful erazor and multiple text tools. If you are fond of messing with photos to change their backgrounds or insert new objects in them, you will probably like the Magic Wand. There is also a full set of shapes to choose from. Not only bitmaps can be created because the application supports working with vector images, which is definitely an advantage if you do not want your shapes to lose their resolution when you resize them. Finally, this painting tool includes multiple picture filters that you can adjust for the desired effects.

All in all, PaintSupreme is an excellent paint tool that can beat any similarly priced applications in terms of available functionalities. However, if you are a newbie, be ready to spend long hours before you can use this application at its full potential.

Pedro Castro
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  • It has a nicely designed interface
  • It supports layers and vector shapes
  • It includes lots of filters
  • It includes multiple editing tools


  • It is difficult to use at first
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